Fitness driven by data.

Powered by you.

This is the next evolution of fitness. Dynamic. Engaging. Different. Let’s get started.


At amp, we think that the best way to reach your fitness goals is to actually enjoy your workout. Not spending all your time logging workouts, making charts, and plotting graphs. That’s just... boring.

Our algorithms track your progress, tweak your program over time, and serve up interactive workouts that you’ll want to do. So you can spend less time scrolling through thousands of classes and more time reaching your goals. Ready to get started?

The amp

01 Smart

Dynamic programming that actually evolves with you.


Function. Performance. Results. At a price everyone can afford.

03 Practical

Sized to fit in even the tiniest apartments.

04 Modular

The first customisable machine designed to grow with you.

05 Social

Push yourself. Push your friends. Everyone wins.


Your data. Your workouts. And that’s it. All of your personal information is safe with us.